For all those who believed that building castles in the air is not at all possible and were a distant reality and just a dream to come to you only at night, think again. The Age of Empires is here to excite all of you. The Age of Empires online is the new version of the game Age of Empires and is nowhere close to it. It has a very distinct departure in the sense that it has a more strategic game play behind it and is much more cartoony and colorful. The game has not decreased in its complexity at all.

The baseline of the game is more or less the same – You build up a city of your own choice with buildings, hotels, architectural structures and so on and so forth as you dream of your city to be. Then you have neighbors (who are actually your competitors over here. They keep giving you certain task and challenges that you need to complete within a particular period of time with some task being to destroy their empire and certain buildings. The whole motive of the game is to balance your economy well and to complete the give task in time to give you added advantages.

Now once you are done with your set of challenges and have completed them competently and to the best of your ability, you get certain reward points for yourself like money, empire points, experience being just a few of the many. If you are lucky enough then you might get what is known as Crete Points wherein you get points proprietary to your destination city. Out of all these points, the ones which are the most difficult to obtain are the empire points as they require you to do a very tedious kind of a task.

If this is not all that you desire and you need some extra kind of twist in your game, then you need to play the faceoff against other players in a one on one or two Vs two games in Sparta. However this challenging experience opens up only in level seven and not before that.

The Age of Empires Online as stated before has a very distinct departure and is known to be one of the best games for casual play. If you are of the kind to build a very big army and a big empire having the dream to kill the opponent, then this is just the game that you would enjoy while sipping some coffee during the evenings. Also for those who are in love with owning some kind of their property, feeding animals and taking care of them, this could be of their interest too. All in all, The Age of Empires serves for one and all. Right from the competitive nature to a peaceful arrangement of the empire, it suits one and all.

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