The most loved game in the arena

This game has no limits and I mean it in all ways. No age barriers, no gender barriers, and nothing to stop an individual to get on the field and show them some wonderful skills. Yes, you guessed it right, it is Football and FIFA Street is the new kid in the block. Football or soccer as some call it has always been known as a game that has been limited only to the field, but as stated before this game has no barriers and has extrapolated itself right from the field to the street.

Yes, FIFA Street has now become one of the popular games in the gaming arena and people have now started to play the game – Football in the street itself. Now it is not what it thinks to be or seems to be. FIFA Street has not decreased the difficulty level of the game at all by changing the venue from the field to the street; in fact, it has become tougher if not equally. A lot of tricks and actions can be performed only by practicing and memorizing them. Without using these tricks, the game has no meaning in itself.

There is no limit and you can keep playing to master the tricks and reach the pinnacle point. Tricks just get more and more complicated as you go ahead. Especially when you see your favorite player performing those tricks with the movements of your hands, things just start to get perfect for you. Practicing the tricks is just half the battle won; the main ‘goal’ of the game is to utilize those very same tricks while playing the game.

The number of players in the team varies with around six players being there in the team. Running up and down the street with displaying tactics and scoring the highest number of goals is basically what the game is about. FIFA Street has emerged to be a very popular game, especially among youngsters and the school crowd cause in many parts of the world, Street Football actually exists. There are all types of pitches present in the game with each and every type of mode present with your comfort. The other type or mode of the game includes Last Man Standing wherein each goal you score, a member of your team is eliminated. Then there is the famous Futsal, where in this game the stadium has no wall bringing a different kind of feeling altogether

Trick challenges include the Panna Rule, where the player gets a Panna Rule when he performs the trick – kicking the ball through the opponent’s leg and then retrieving it back. The other alternative is that you get through your opponents by displaying a lot of skills. Each player gets a point for some trick he displays and the scores of all the individuals add up to the team score. After scoring a particular number of points certain sections can then be unlocked.

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