Raven’s Cry

The thick fog could only conceal the impending peril for so long, as the indiscernible shadows drifting along the tumultuous Caribbean waters revealed themselves to be… pirates. Unfortunately for the populace that inhabited the misty island of Inez Sound, these were no ordinary pirates, but rather the notoriously bloodthirsty armada known as the Devil’s Tines. A merciless rampage through the village saw all the residents of Inez Sound decimated, save for the young Christopher Raven. The young boy, discarded and maimed, clutching his remaining hand, burned with a deep loathing for the men responsible for the massacre of his people and fuelled by that hatred, vengeance spurred him forward, putting his life on the line… as well as his soul.

Raven’s Cry seeks to bring the 17th Century Caribbean to life with stunning visuals, intricate detail and the recapturing of the sinister beauty and historically accurate architecture of the intriguing era of pirates. The title will set course through three major cities, from the squalid pirate sanctuary known as Port Royal and the graceful streets of Havana to an Aztec city obscured by the jungles of the Spanish Main.

This third person action-adventure title will propel players into the pirate infested waters on a quest for vengeance that will either see them as righteous seekers of justice, or reprobate avengers.

Tactical melee combat and adrenaline-charged duels to the death will have players hack, slash and shoot their way through the gripping storyline that weaves both historical and in-game events together seamlessly. Players will also be able to utilize supernatural combat abilities to take down a memorable cast of villains, sure to make this upcoming title worth more than just a passing glance.

When the entirety of young Christopher Raven’s village is massacred by ruthless pirates and his hand lost in the attack, only vengeance gives him purpose.

Developer: Reality Pump Studios
Publisher: TopWare Interactive
Distributer: Apex Interactive

Platforms: PC, XBox 360, PS3

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