The Amazing Spiderman, the Name Says it All

The web-slinging sleek-body hero is back to save the Big Apple from thugs and baddies. The game is just awesome to try on and the name holds right and does justice to the friendly neighborhood guy.

The game opens with a scene at the Oscorp lab. The animation is just out-of-the-world and that makes New York City even more beautiful than ever before. The free-roaming effect in this game is very liberal here which was not present in the earlier version of the game. Everything has been done in the slightest detail to put reality through your eyes. For instance, glass buildings give the correct reflections of the concrete buildings according to the perspective. Even water meters add to the real virtual world. It takes you straight to virtual reality and keeps you awed while you start to play and get involved.

The web-slinging part is almost like in the comic books. Beenox has made Spider-Man’s web get attached to unidentified supports that the player may not always be able to see. Well, that is not important till Spider-man looks good when he is swinging across the buildings, and across the streets speeding up to get to the nuisances and do away with them.

There is a bit of imitation from the Batman, Creed, and Infamous 2 combat portions but that doesn’t really matter because it can be done as long as the superhero is different and fights generally have the same genre. Each button has been assigned for dodging and attacking. Spider-man gets warned by his spider-sense and that is shown with a flash on his head which is not there in the comics. The Spiderman crawls instead of unnecessarily flying and that’s quite natural of the spider instinct.

Overall the city-movement is absolutely wonderful and the Spider-Man has to be used wisely otherwise he will end up getting beaten up. But sometimes, the game seems too easy to play. Since the game is designed after the movie, there is a lot kind of similarities between the two with the moves of the spider-man and the story plot but then maybe it has been done deliberately for the players who have also watched the movie and want to relive those signature moves once again. The costume does not stay clean long after the mission, and gets torn just as it should be.

One thing that has been noticed is the loading of the cartridges for the web shoot which Spider-Man does after a few hours of non-stop fight. The game is really worth the money and time. After it has been completed you can comfort your eyes with the beautiful scene of the Big Apple and that is possible at any time of the day. They have included a heavenly sunset after the final showdown is over. The camera work and zooming is awesome and would make you want to play the game all over again. It is the details of the game plan and the surroundings that make it a five-star game.

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