The game that has no end to itself

When you play Minecraft, you seriously do not know why you are playing the game. All you know is that it is enjoyable and knowing that it has no end, you just carry on and on.  The game Minecraft gives you that reward to set your mind all imagination free. The game Minecraft can be played in both versions namely the PC version and the Xbox 360 version. However, it does not have the same experience for both.

In the Xbox 360 version, the game doesn’t coddle you. How to start and go about is all your game plan. There is no fixed game rule nor is there any fixed game plan. You just keep going along. The whole motive of the game is to move around, not having to settle anywhere at any particular point in time. It’s not like you can be a nomad and just settle in a quiet place or just keep sailing on the sea.

Secondly the Xbox form also lacks the free form (Creative Mode) of the game. However, the point to be noted is that the Survival mode is more user-friendly. The Microsoft team has also very smartly modified the crafting system trying to categorize the entire various item you need to make something. Also, the additional thing is that if you do not have something in particular, then it shows up such that you do not have to leave the game to search for any additional items. The whole point of the game Minecraft is just to create adventures for yourself as if you are living in Wonderland.

In Minecraft, you do not get anything. Everything you need, you earn it. Right from the raw materials that you need for the bricks of your house to the raw materials needed for the window panes. You harvest them all. Sometimes you have tasks like setting up a railway in like 12 hours and the joy of accomplishment of the task is just a different feeling altogether. However, on the other hand, there are some parts that are missing in the Xbox and are there in the PC. These are the few points that gamers mostly complain about. For example, to mention a few of the points, you cannot sprint and neither can you stack any kind of food items. But in the long run, all these things become avoidable and void, as the core concept of the game, is inspiring and can lead to endless hours of playing. In the end, as a closing comment, all that can be said is that though there are some minor differences between the version for the PC and the Xbox One, if one is very expressive and creative then it is possible that this is one of the greatest options available to you. You can just keep playing on at a very comfortable pace. It’s unique and unlike the other games that have a lot of competition and the like.

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