Wise Guys, lots of killing and lastly the fashion and love for wearing suits is what perfectly describes the mafia gang. The mafia gang was a gang well prevalent in many parts of the world, including America. Based on the chronicles of Mafia operations, the Mafia game was sketched with the intent to include a bit of reality in it. 

Now having said that, Mafia 2 is nothing but an illusion, a very far representation of reality, but it is thrill and fun. The main protagonist of the game play over here is Vito. Vito is a person who is presently returning from war and thus now decides to join the local mafia. From there on he carries on his usual mafia stunts which include killing, shooting and other such scary stunts. The dialogue and the story line is very well scripted and its all set to attack into a lightly accented macho threat.

It is the New York Streets and the Hollywood hills that caught the attention and thus the major script and play was enacted there. Come winter and the city roads turn into snow, with most of the untrodden parts with layered band of crystalline white snow. Also as there is a slow transition from the 40’s into the 50’s the light remains consistently arresting.

The whole game is presented in chapters and every time you wake up, you find yourself at home.  Vito is supposedly that strange character who sleeps in the same vest and pant for nine long years. The game takes you to a place where Vito shoots a person, punches him or kills him. The game however gets very predictive at time with some of the bad guys just popping out from somewhere with spots of cover like sharply dressed moles. Mafia 2 is one of the mafia run movies and that supposedly becomes the worst thing about the game that got complimented for.  But if we now detach the stories from its familiar housings then we are not left for much. It just ends with a little of walking, a lot of driving and too much of shooting.

Despite the number of applauds and other praises that it received, there were also other critics which were considered to be the usual. Critics are present everywhere and it is but their job to do so. Now the critics mainly said that the game did not include a significant amount of content in the final build of the game.  There were also some melee weapons that were present such as a pair of baseball bat and brass knuckles. These were known and found to be stored in the game’s archive.  However because of many not being aware of it or for some other reason they were not used.  There was also some sort of speculation with the map size and was compared with the Empire Bay games that released in 2000 with around 10 square miles.

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