Almost all games that are copied from other genres are never a hit and fail to surprise the public. People come up with new expectations and therefore not only does the product satiate the public with its good quality but should also stand up with its own design and choices. Syndicate however unfortunately falls under this category and tells a boring story of swapping allegiances and its likes.

It is the giant corporations that rule the world in the land of Syndicate. There is a deadly war that is prevalent for turf and technology. Eurocrop, which plays the major role as Syndicate’s protagonist creates this type of top tier technology in the form of Top Tier 6. Basically, the single story plot tells us the story of Miles Kilo, a man who rediscovers his origin. He is in a war against himself where he fights and questions the significance of the fight.

Throughout the whole game it is a bluish light that dominates the whole journey through Syndicates futuristic settings. While the developer very smartly has a blue line all over the game, it also has a very mixed style of New York slums, Atlantic sea bases and the alleyways of China. This is exactly what sets the whole ambience of the game.

What distinguishes DART from other chips is that it uses DART chips. One of Syndicate’s best feature is that there is also prevalent a puzzle game amidst the gunfire. Also another interesting feature is a hacking machine called breaching where in players can exact horrors among enemies’ chips by killing themselves and shooting their comrades. The main secret and the skill of all of this is to appropriately use them and juggle the skills such that these skills destroy all the group enemies and a sub strategic layer of action goes beyond than just pulling a simple trigger.

A small disadvantage that comes up is that the trio of the breach skills do not work very effectively when it comes to the single player campaign. Also additionally two of the major powers are removed wherein the stun mechanic becomes the only tool available in the game. However Co-op shakes up the entire game giving it a new dimension altogether. The striving factor of this game is the pointing system. As one enters a new level there is a new challenge and Syndicate ranks you according to your skills. Comparative statics are then made. However the sad part of this is that the cores are not maintained in a portal where in the online score board is given but it’s just a reminder to yourself. In this manner you are unaware of your competitors.

Syndicate is no doubt a fantastic puzzle meta game but it only relies to bullet flying in each level of the game. Syndicate is not much of great ideas but nonetheless is a fun shooter game. A small piece of advice – Do not play it alone, go one with your friends and have an online session,

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