Need for Speed

Speed is what is driving the world today. People today have understood the need for speed and therefore the game Need for Speed has been one of the most uprising and popular games at least among the youth. The game has been very strategically planned and the graphics and the game play is just out of the world. With new technology enhancing, one might just feel that the wheel is in his hand. The feeling of the game is awesome.

Here we are going to examine and analyze the Shift 2 Unleashed. Shift 2 Unleashed is sure to spin your mind with the graphics and the noises that hurl about you. With the brake noise and the drilling sound, it seems as if the car is just the one you are sitting in or the one just beside you. A sensory assault is sure to torment you once you start playing this game. The car that you will be handling in Shift 2 Unleashed is sure to be a bit of wild handling. It’s more of a horror when you hear all those scratching sounds of the engine getting to you and then you feel as if you are really on the road driving on a track.

More exciting are the night races which have necromorphs leaping out from all around the corner and which are supposedly the scariest of the lot. They come at all wrong possible times with you getting on your nerves and making you be attentive throughout. The night tracks like the Spa Francorchamps reserve a full package of surprises that will surely thrill you to the core.

Then we have the added layer of the helmet cam which gives it a different touch altogether. It’s more like a first person perspective where you have the experience of sitting in the driver seat. However this always does not have to have a positive impact, it can have positive as well as a negative impact or worse impact. The audio visual feeds in this car is seriously what give it that extra punch and makes it possible to get to that level. Even better that awaits you is the gory evisceration that wait for you silently at the end of the high speed crash with violent conviction. The Shift Unleashed 2 Cars have all that ability to compete with the best and put up a very good show. The car is however very sensitive to all the nasty shocks and therefore is very light and picks up speed very quickly.

You don’t always have to be competing with friends. You have your own auto time lap race where you can play against yourself defeating your time. However some argue that it is not even close to the refined touch of Hot Pursuit, but still has a very high performance index. The Shift 2 Unleashed still has some amazing features that can staple races up to twelve players.

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