Max Payne, a famous game which was released long time back, has been an all time favorite for most. Max Payne 3 has however shifted base from New York to sunny Brazil. Partly in flashback scene and partly as a story book sequence, as before it is the narration of the story by himself that gives that whole unique touch and the reason why it is a class different from other similar games.

Actually the main factor is that manly voice of Max Payne. Remedy Entertainment is no more associated with the game and now it has been taken up by Grand Theft Auto Games – Rockstar. This up gradation has brought about a change in the animation structure of the game with every move. Max Payne has now every freedom of moving around more like a free man and a lively one unlike the one in the previous versions where he used to stand still and shoot all his enemies. The whole idea of him moving freely in the new one to show his gymnastic skills while killing is enemies is simply great.

As the game structure goes higher so does the level and with all this new kind of movements the game has become more complicated. The new level of interaction with the present Max Payne brings a whole lot of new dangers along with it. You misjudge a bullet dodge and you will see Max Payne crumbling as he hits the wall.

Noting all the changes in the new version of Max Payne 3 it can be said that Rockstar has worked really very hard to create some kind of out of the world level in all formats, especially in character and location with a very high level of texture that takes up a lot of space – about 30 GB installation charge.

With all these kind of changes, the violence factor also changes and has increased drastically. If one keeps pressing the trigger, then Max Payne will continue to shoot bullets into the dead body till it falls to the floor. Apart from just the change in the violence there is also a lot of unexpected twist and turns in the story. Also for the first time ever, in the new season – Max Payne 3, they have introduced a competitive multiplayer mode.

The main difference between the normal game and the multiplayer mode is that in the multiplayer mode, they allow you to choose between many gangs having to perform tasks with a number of serious objects depending all upon how your team performs. Some say that there isn’t much of an explicit difference from the previous ones – Yes that’s true. They had to keep up t the spirit if the game. The story cannot change, however Max Payne 3 has a full pack of explosive, action packed and memorable package. Thus it is a fun filled package for a boring day.

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