Borderlands 2: A Quick Guide to the Assassin

Borderlands 2 is the sequel to the ultimate four-player Role-Playing Shooter loot fest. There are fresh new characters that have evolved with wonderful landscapes, and environments. Enemies are more lethal than the previous time. Mysteries are also planted to be unfurled. Keeping everything aside for a while what to see in the game is a new interesting character, the Assassin, whose weapons talk for him. It’s the ninja, named Zero. He has emoticons on his face and does his job from the dark places so as to hide himself and get to kill the target very quickly and efficiently. The skill generally used by the ninja is the invisibility technique and most of the time he would plant a decoy to make his target clueless about his presence. The decoy is interestingly a time bomb that disperses his enemies in a jiffy. Staying invisible also gives the player some time to plan and chalk out his next attack for the bigger distance attacks.

Taking a dive into one of the missions, it was found out that the mission started from a small city, filled with greenery and there were various elevations just then various troops came pouring in from every corner of the place. There were robots too so it seemed that the ninja was having a busy time. And indeed, the ninja was in trouble. But the liberal use of cover using a cloak saved his back for quite a while. It is the time when Zero is to be used to realize its worth. It comes fully loaded with sniper rifles and shotguns.

The mission then shifted from the town square to the docks and that was behind one of the buildings. A variety of environments all added some flavor to the world around the player. There were a lot of obstacles that included lots of statues and they had to be done away with a laser robot and there was a protector to protect the robot from any harm.

The enemy animation was worth a huge appreciation when the real showdown began as a bullet could be seen digging into the legs or an arm really and the enemy was seen falling and trying his best to get up and continue fighting only to be brought down again.

However, the cloaking skill as well as setting a rhythm to the gameplay is really hard to master easily and requires a lot of concentration. Tackling the enemies along with the robot comrade with pretty loose skills caused harm to both the ninja and the robot. There were provisions to keep the robot above half health and an optional objective too. Hence it is very necessary to keep in check the moves and stay focused.

All of these thrills make the game very attractive and addicting and one would go on until he has mastered the skills to play the game.

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