A Quick Take-a-look at the Diablo 3

With 5 characters in the game, Diablo 3 offers a 100-hour-long game plot but the player can easily hook himself/herself to it for months and even years as the case may be. The game is graced with the presence of the Barbarian, the Monk, the Wizard, the Demon Hunter, and the Witch Dr. who are lethal but in the harder levels, the effect of spells don’t quite work.

Needless to say that Diablo 3 is a worthy sequel to Diablo 2, which was released ten years ago. The previous version was a bit stressful to play but this one is just cool because the skill management is just excellent. One can see the future of his player in the game with the bonus and the gold and silver won by him that will add to the hope to end the game with a blow also the damage meter alerts you every second on the amount of strength that you have left with the details of the base damage, attack speed, and critical hit chance and even advises you to use the armor to reduce damage.

In comparison to what this generation’s gaming world wants, the graphics to make the virtual world look real, are not quite present in Diablo 3 and sometimes the game slows down although this does not happen very frequently and is rare but then it cannot be said that it is just ‘flawless’. With this sometimes certain movements become hard to be judged and this hardens the task of the player. What to enjoy while playing is the awesome soundtrack and the voice acting, the music has been re-mastered from Diablo 1 and 2 and the essence of the 90s can be relived in this game to give you that nostalgic feeling of the then gaming world. But the Legendary items are still no match for the ones that appeared in the previous version. There is also no player vs player option so it’s you fighting with your machine again.

One more thing not to forget is the auction house set up by Blizzard. The gold auction house has the provision where the loot can be put on sale to buy gold and the real money auction house does the same thing, the only thing is that hard cash is obtained which is much to a player’s delight. However, there are rules to follow in order to get your hands on the real things out of the virtual world. Taxes are also attached to an amount of 15% of the money scored by the player.

Last, of all, the game is like a magnet. It can keep one logged for as long as 200 hours. Certain levels force to be played repeatedly to get a better score for the amount of difficulty but still, the game is overall a hit. One has to be very sure about the internet speed while joining this game otherwise it will be tough to play it efficiently.

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