Day of Defeat (DOD) may seem identical and a grade-2 version to Counter-Strike (CS) to all those superficial multi-players out there. Yes, they are superficial because Day of Defeat is a hell lot better than Counter-Strike and it’s worth the money and the game.

It is a fact that DOD and CS are both made with the Source engine so they may seem a bit similar. But DOD dates back to the World War II unlike CS which uses a more modern set of tactics and weapons and ammunitions and this makes it look like a modern operation, not the conventional war-effect that can be obtained in DOD. 

The reason DOD can be rated to be better than CS is that it has a planned approach through maps. Some of the maps lead to only the snipers taking over but there are a lot of corners, rooms and open spaces. A knife or a shovel, however, can make the hearts of the snipers beat faster. You never when they are being showered. So the thrill is at its best.

Strategy is given a jerk due to this map-approach. One needs to brush up the strategy skills before starting to play. A random shooting, chasing, open-firing will not lead to a smooth game, rather there is the need for plotting up against each attack and doing them style.

The number and types of ammos that can be used are limited, but they are just to the point of the requirement for the fight.  For an instance, you do not always a heavy-loaded stein gun; a rifle is just perfect when you need to run for cover. Since this game involves more of the runs and chase, rifle forms the primary weapon.  For a long range and short combat the secondary weapon that has been fixed is cool too. 
Unlike most games, where a set of areas are given to control and defend, DOD doesn’t have that to the fullest. With its bigger server, the problems crop up and the player may easily lose his life. Somehow, it is carried off well in the game.

After the player has died, a small relaxation time is provided for the comeback from where the game was left off.  This makes it better than CS, because you don’t have to go back to the start again and the game is picked up much faster. But then this facility doesn’t quite help you to master the game.

The main parts to applaude on in this game are the strategy, maps and teamwork that has help it to surpass any damn multi-player game and take over the top position. Before one arrives at the conclusion that what is being said is bullshit, he/she should give it a try along with the friends to know why DOD is the best battle game of the season. The answer would be found out easily.

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