If you own an Apple operating software device or maybe an Android (which is anyways very common these days), then you are surely to be a lucky guy. Temple Run is sure to keep you addicted all day long and this new game which has released lately has just won a million hearts. I can vouch for the fact that for most, once you start playing the game you will surely not let go of it. There is no limit in the game, no end to it and as you keep progressing it just gets better and better.

The game is not at all complicated; you have a structure built in the form of a temple where you are the sole runner there. You will be faced with a lot many obstacles on the way, broken roads, no end roads etc. On the other hand you will have gold coins which you will have to keep collecting as you pass by. The rule is simple, the more coins you collect and the further you go, the more points you score.

Facts to be spoken, there is not much into the intent of the game. There is no educational content and neither is there any kind of learning procedure. But it is best at what it does. The skill used, the graphics et al is perfect. It is played very easily. All that one has to do is to swipe the screen when one wants to move left or right and then push forward or backward whenever one needs to jump ahead or slide backwards. There is no extra skill as such; however there are some super natural powers which come in the game, again a concept that has been picked up by many other common games. For example being invisible, being resistant to fire and water and lastly running at a very high speed thus gaining the maximum points at that period of time.

The real magic of this game is that even after dying like umpteenth number of times, it is never boring or frustrating. Not only is the game visually very interesting but it is also the music and the graphics that sweep you away. At the end of it all, it all depends on you. If you are a gaming addictive, then you would play it again and again and even download it more than once. So all you need to do is to ask yourself – Do I love the game to download it again and again and play it continuously. The game gives you exactly what you get from the title – Nothing less and nothing more at all. The game is static and not at all dynamic apart from the fact that there are some twists in between. For people who love to excel, this is all that they need. For more knowledge, practicality is the best.

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