R.A.W. is the a.k.a. for Realms of Ancient War. It is a Hack n Slash (action/role-playing game) developed for Xbox LIVE® Arcade, PlayStation® Network and PC Digital and it is one of the brand new IP that is being availed from Wizarbox. Some of you will know them for other console ports like Arx Fatalis and Risen. R.A.W is a heroic fantasy game that will take you to a continent that was destroyed by a war 10 years before the events told in the story. Four kingdoms of Elves, Men and Dwarves survived but they are being preyed by looters and raiders. In this confusion another unknown threat is frightening. In order to discover its original nature the realms send some troops for investigation. From this dangerous mission there is no chance for a person to return.

This game has been developed in an action oriented approach and hence you can have control over your character. The stories which build the background of this video game and your acts will provide the context of the game. The game will not move like story telling but it will explain the steps on how to travel in order to cross the various levels that you will face in that Realms of Ancient War gameplay. The game offers lots of environments when compared to other similar games. The action will take place in a continent divided into four different parts, each one having its own ambiance. Each level will have its own challenge and ambience. For example some levels will have their individual deadly traps and few enemies. Some other levels will have countless number of waves and weak mobs.

This game well belongs to a well specific game taxonomy that is ‘Hack and Slash’ or ‘hack and slay’, abbreviated ‘H&S’ or ‘HnS’, which refers to a type of gameplay that emphasizes combat. A game is said to be a role playing game when it gives full freedom to the players while playing the game. The player will be able to experience a class choosing game in which each and every player will have their own motivation, game style and skills. The warrior of this Realms of Ancient War game will avail all the advantages of low life. The game play which you play as a warrior is like living on the edge of life. In this game only certain specific creatures are incarnated. At the time of incarnation the player will not be able to use his regular abilities, rather he will host the powers of his enemy directly. The player can also gain the skills, movements and capacities of the creatures. The engine which they use is custom built. This is one of the major advantages of having an experienced group of people working at the back door in creation of video games.

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