The Popularity of Scrabble Games

Many table games exist out there to approach if you want to develop your intellect, but to me, scrabble game is by far the most exciting and amazing word game that people can play. Yes, you may as well enjoy playing chess which is also very popular among those people who want to train their intellect, but there is something special that the game of Scrabble comes with: it puts your creativity at work while enriching your vocabulary.

Crossword puzzles can be in a way similar to scrabble, and so can Verbarium, the game where you are presented with a word out of which you need to come up with as many other words as possible. But as mentioned above, scrabble comes with its novelty in that you have to create words by attaching them to the existing ones on the table.

Scrabble game is indeed a game of words and it was originally introduced to the players in 1938 and spread very fast among people of various ages. I was also fascinated by the game the first time I laid my hands on that table game in its physical format. Back then, there was no internet, no electronic device capable of presenting this game in another form.

You were stuck to the table game, a cardboard table or one made of plastic to which you were supposed to attach the words that existed in the vocabulary. Now the beauty of this word game is that you can improve your vocabulary with words that you have never known existed before. I was amazed to find out so many words that I didn’t know their meaning, let alone know that they actually exist!

It is also important to know the rules of the Scrabble game prior to getting started because, in accordance with these rules, you will be able to make a good score and successfully compete with the other players. When I first discovered this game I started to be very attracted to it and I remember that back then I used to play it with my friends while having the Webster’s Dictionary close to us.

You can imagine our excitement when discovering new words finding that they actually exist and learning as well their meaning. After many years, I have been introduced to its online alternative, it was back in the 2000s when I started to subscribe to the sites where people could play in championships and with one another. To me, the greatest challenge was when I could play with the robots, and computer players that I managed on several occasions to defeat them.

So, why Scrabble game has become such a popular game? Because people have a lot of useful things to learn with this game while using their creativity and intelligence into making the right moves on the Scrabble table. I can assure you that once you start getting involved in this game, you will become addicted because the reward is huge on this one!

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