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Now if you are one of those passionate about video games, then why not choose to work as a video game tester?

I have a friend who works in this field and he is pretty satisfied with the job, given the fact that he has been into games since his childhood, and as soon as he got this opportunity to work as a video game tester he never hesitated on doing this. When I asked him if he is satisfied with this job, he said: “Are you kidding? What can be more rewarding in life than to have a profession that pays good money for something you love doing?” I have to admit that he’s got a point on this one.

I, on the other hand, am not that much into video games, but out of curiosity, I asked my friend how did he manage to get this job and what exactly is required of him to do. Here is what I have found:

  • First of all, a job as a video game tester is a field of activity where individuals are involved in assessing a game that is about to be released on the market. The tasks of these testers are to sample out the product and provide as such pertinent feedback on the game(s).
  • Secondly, this type of job is not that easy to obtain, but once you are decided to get involved in the video game testing activity you should enroll in some classes because being a video game passionate is not enough. Let’s face it: how many gamers wouldn’t want to find such a job simply because they have worked out on various video games? But to get into this job you must have as well the right connections, once you have the proper training and apprenticeship in this activity.
  • One other requirement is to experiment with all sorts of various games because only in this way you can make a difference in what one game offers over another, understanding their dynamics and what exactly they can provide to satisfy the gamer’s needs. It is actually a type of hands-on practice that will help you become a real professional in the video game testing industry.
  • It is also helpful to keep track of the latest news in the video game industry, subscribe to various specialized magazines, and be updated on trending topics related to the world of video games.
  • Once hired as a video game tester you will have to draw opinions on games, players will look up to your opinions because they know these ones come from a professional. However, do expect many reviews to contradict what you say, but hey, it is a free world this world of video games where everybody is entitled to an opinion of their own!

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